Not taking requests until further notice.
If you want to make a suggestion, please do so here.
It's no guarantee that I'll make your suggested skins, but I will consider it.

Questions?  Please check my FAQ before emailing me.

3-23-04  No skins, just an important announcement...

If you have been receiving emails from a address, I am not responsible for these emails.  I have received several of them myself and all of them contain viruses or worms.  How do I know that I'm not sending them out?  Well, I run a virus/worm scan nightly, I don't use Outlook or any other email program at all, and I always run a virus scan on attachments to my email, wether I know and trust the person they come from or not.  For example, I received an email from today which is rather suspect as I am the administation for SFS and I know I didn't send an email to myself saying that my mail server would be down unless I downloaded this particular file to my computer that was in a zip file with a password.

Bottom line is I never send out emails from a address.  So if you find one like this in your inbox, don't trust it.  Know that I did not send it and just dump without even opening it.

11-30-03  Insert clever comment here...

Sorry for the delay:  I've been really busy planning Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations at work and I haven't has as much time to devote to skinning lately.  So, instead of the usual 20-30 skin update, I've only got my bare minimum of ten for you this time...and two of those are remakes of a couple of my older skins.  Oh well, they needed to be updated anyway. :P

Also of note, some of you may have noticed (or not) that I added a donation button on the navigation bar.  By no means do you have to donate, but I'm not gonna stop you from showin' me some love, either. :) 

9-1-03  So much for 300 skins...

As many of you have noticed, the Marvel and Amalgam skins are gone.  I won't go into the details here but please read my FAQ if you have further questions about this.

On a much lighter note, I've got 26 new skins for you, including Two Bad, and yours truly  (Seriously, this isn't just me stroking my ego, people have asked for a skin of me).

One last thing, to the author of the SoBig.F virus:  Thanks a lot, asshole.  I really love empying my mailbox every 20 seconds to keep it from overlowing.